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Kanaries Cloud
Use cloud config in pygwalker to save your spec

Use cloud config in pygwalker to save your spec

In the past, users often used local file systems to store chart specs, example:

walker = pyg.walk(df, spec="./gw.json")

Many users found that files stored locally are easy to lose and difficult to manage.

Now you can use cloud config files to store your spec.

Set your kanaries token

Refer: How to set your kanaries token in pygwalker? (opens in a new tab)

Use cloud file in pygwalker

walker = pyg.walk(df, spec="ksf://<your_workspace_name>/<your_file_name>")

For example, the workspace to which my kanaries_token belongs is dkxmfdn12, The file I want to read and write is share_config.json, then my code is:

walker = pyg.walk(df, spec="ksf://dkxmfdn12/share_config.json")

BTW, This feature is only available in pygwalker>=0.3.10.